We met these guys while visiting friends in Reutingen, Germany back in 2013. They passed along their CD, we listened and loved their sound so much that we coordinated a live performance for late 2014.  We packed our bags and headed to Germany in November of 2014, where Mr. Finch hosted a nice party at the Kaiserhalle. The evening was fantastic, we drank a lot, ate great food prepared by the bar owner (Wolfgang Kohla) and the event was well attended.   This five piece band quickly became great friends, so the next obvious thing to do was to invited the band to perform at Music Madness ATX Fest 2015.  Mr. Finch performed twice at MMATX Fest and was loved by all.  To take advantage of their trip to the U.S., we also booked them in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas to finish out their visit.  We enjoyed our time with our new friends so much that  we returned to Germany in 2015 and 2016 (click on the the videos tab and then on Live Recordings to see the live performances). We look forward to hosting Mr. Finch back in the states and in Germany soon. Follow the band on their Facebook page: Mr. Finch Rockt.