Performance Date and Time: March 20, 2020 @ 10 p.m.

Recently named Modern Musician’s 2019 Gold Artist of the Year, Dust City Opera is the eccentric, folk-rock brainchild of singer/songwriter Paul Hunton. A celebration of humor and darkness and levity, the release of their 2019 debut album, “Heaven,” sparked a wave of media appearances and captured international attention with industry leaders such as Eric Alper and Movimento Country.

Their music is rich and diverse and theatrical. They have been compared to the likeness of Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, and Cake with a folksy richness that is paired with a unique instrumentation of clarinets, trombone, and accordion. At the end of the day, Dust City Opera is all about creating quality music, playing unforgettable shows, and connecting personally with their fans.

Their latest single, “An Okay Way to Go” will be available for streaming and download worldwide on 3/13/2020.

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